KonMari Series 1: Clothes

I’ll be honest this was one hell of a process. I am certainly not obsessed with materialism or many of my personal items but saying “thank you” to clothes that I’ve made fond memories but haven’t held up to wear-and-tear, or those that used to look so good on me but now sag (or hug) all the wrong places, was very tough to do.

I can say that I’m proud of the end result. Already, I understand the hype around Marie’s life-changing method. Walking into my closet feels so different (dare I say “joyful”) now. I genuinely feel happier looking at my clothes now than I did this time last week. Plus, I gained a lot of extra draw-orage space.

Even laundry feels like far less of a chore now that I’m only washing clothes that I actually like. Never having to look at the ones that make me feel gross or old, is a luxury I never would have thought I needed in my life. I’m almost disappointed honestly, I went into this thinking I’d debunk the hysteria and may even *gasp* find a better method of my own; but Ms. Kondo is on to something here. I’m not ashamed to say that I’m not just hopping onto this bandwagon, I feel as if I’m driving it toward every unsuspecting coworker and friend that risks telling me they need to be more organized.

You can check out the results below (minimal judgment please)!

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